Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Seven Wonders Hair Care

I have a friend who is vegan and she constantly is telling me about the nasties that are put into our hair care, skin care and make-up products, under chemically sounding names that trick us. Along with this, I do think that we should be aiming to use products that are good for us and good for the environment.

As a starting point, I've been seeking out products that are paraben and sodium laurel sulfate free. I started with shampoo and conditioners but so far the various paraben and SLS free, 'organic' products I've tried have left my hair feeling like straw and not the luscious locks I envision. So much so that one hairdresser remarked that my hair needed some serious treatment conditioning...

Then I came across Seven Wonders, an Australian company with that makes paraben and SLS free products using certified organic ingredients. They promise salon grade products that actually perform. Bingo.

They have a Moroccan range of products that use certified organic Argan oil. I figured that the Moroccan Oil I already have makes my hair all soft and shiny, so shampoo and conditioner containing Argan oil can only be a good thing. 

I picked up a shampoo and conditioner at a local chemist, nearly choking at the price ($27 each), but was swayed over the line by a free Argan oil leave in treatment oil thing. The girls in the shop who were selling this to me said they'd compared the ingredients of this product to the very popular Moroccan Oil in the pretty blue box and the ingredients are exactly the same (I haven't verified this, I threw out the box with the ingredients on it ages ago so can't compare). I recently checked out the prices of Moroccan treatment oils and they are anywhere from $40-50 depending on where you go. I figured that shampoo+conditioner+treatment oil for $54 was a darn good price in all.

I've only used the shampoo and conditioner so far and they are rather lovely. They don't leave my hair feeling like straw, they smell nice - all hair salon-y and my hair is shiny and soft. Winner!

Head down to a chemist near you and pick up these babies. Be quick - my chemist is currently sold out... You can also check out for their story and stockist info. 

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  1. Thanks for this review , I have spent a while researching this brand so your review was really helpful. I bought some of the Seven Wonders Moroccan oil range including the argan skin serum from last week and so far i'm very impressed. the Skin Serum I thought was going to be too oily but works wonderfully and the Seven Wonders Moroccan conditioner and shampoo really leaves my hair looking and feeling great. Great Aussie brand at really good prices so happy to support them