Friday, 30 September 2011

Garnier BB Cream - initial thoughts

A product that recently hit shelves in the last couple of months is the Garnier Miracle Skin Perfector, a BB Cream Innovation. I was intrigued... I've not seen a BB cream on shelves before, and have only heard about them mostly via youtube. I'm not sure about any other Aussie girls, but did this seem to just slip into stores without much fanfare, except on blogs? Or was I just out of it for that month or so?

Anyhoo, I popped down to Priceline and got myself a tube to try for just under $14. It comes in two colours, light and medium. You just have to guess at which colour you'll be, because there are no testers, which was quite annoying because I always find the terms "light" and "medium" really subjective - one brand's light is another's medium and vice versa. I did ask a friendly retail assistant and she recommended the medium, apparently the light is very light and only good for very pale people. I've been using a bit of fake tan recently, and it's heading into summer here, so I trusted her with the medium.

Here's a look at the box - apologies in advance for the slightly fuzzy pics, I'm working on my technique...

You can't quite tell here, but it's a really text heavy box - print everywhere. Info overload in my opinion. In short, Garnier promise this cream will give you "INSTANTLY PERFECT SKIN" via
- an even complexion
- reducing sunspots and imperfections
- boosting a healthy glow
- providing tinted 24 hour hydration 
- and UV protection SPF 15 

Quite the claim.

Here it is on the back of my hand - it's quite thick but spreads and blends well. It smells a little fruity.

 After blending - I spose it makes my hand more dewy looking.

 Comparison to non BB-creamed hand on right. BB-creamed hand is more dewy and glowy.

And about half an hour after application - still dewy.

I've used this about twice so far on my face and I can't say that it gave me instantly incredible, perfect, amazing skin. It did feel nice on my skin, gave good coverage, quite smooth and almost silky after application, the medium tint suited me well and it lasted fairly ok. But you could still see some of the heavier imperfections on my skin and I don't think the overall effect was that different from any other tinted moisturiser. (Mind you, currently my other tinted moisturiser is from Korres and cost me $50, so this does win on price.)

I'm a bit ambivalent about this product. Is it a must have? No. Is it nice? Yes. I would recommend this to people with normal to dry skin (I'm combination oily and it's ok, but so far I've been trying it in cool weather) who are looking for a nice, relatively inexpensive tinted moisturiser for summer to wear in lieu of foundation. This product would particularly be good for time poor people (like my sister with two kids... hmm, potential sticking filler).

I'll keep using for a bit, see if my skin improves as the box claims, and do some face before and after photos. Maybe even a half-half face photo like on the box. Then I'll do an updated review. Maybe it takes a few more times to beautified to the degree of perfection Garnier promise.


P.S. I currently have on order from Ebay a Skin79 Hot Pink BB Cream, one of the most popular BB Creams out. When it comes in the mail (hurry up Australia Post!) I'll do a comparison :)

NOTD Ulta3 Twilight Fever

I heard somewhere round the beauty blogs that Ulta3 does a relatively good dupe of Orly Rage. I've found it impossible to find Orly Rage on Ebay and Amazon and elsewhere so when I came across the Ulta3 range in a chemist I was rather excited.

Ulta3 seems to be a brand that only pops up in chemists, and it's an absolute bargain at $2.25. That is not a typo! Yes, $2.25. A wide range of colours and shimmers and glitters will be somewhere on the chemist floor in one of those large bins you have to fossick through to find the colour you want.

I went on a large rummage for Envy, the purported Orly Rage dupe, but didn't strike gold. I did come across this one called Twilight Fever, and frustrated at not being able to find what I wanted, consoled myself with a base coat and the lovely purple. 

With flash

and without flash (and crappier quality photo).

It's quite a pretty purple - aubergine is the colour that comes to mind - with a subtle shimmer and I've had quite a few compliments. The polish is quite runny and you will need a least a couple of coats, but at $2.25 I couldn't really care less. It lasted about two days without chipping, and this was without a top coat (because mine has gone AWOL).

For this price I was surprised that people weren't pushing each other over to get to the bargains. Really, they're pretty much giving away this nail polish. If nothing else, Ulta3 does a fairly good range of colours (though the availability will vary from store to store) and it's a decent product for the price. Even if you're just looking for a fun colour for a fancy dress party or event, Ulta3 is a good cheap option to consider. It's also a good option if you're dirt poor and it's a week til pay day and you are looking for some practically guilt-free retail therapy, as I was on this particular day...

However, I'm still Rage-less and and the search continues!

Happy rummaging, you little beauties!

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

I went shopping...

Things I got on my recent haul. I was a very happy lassie!

First up, Schwarzkopf taft Rough & Tough styling powder. I've been hearing about this stuff on a few of  Youtube beauty channels recently (Fleur De Force, SWalkerMakeup) and have been anxious to try myself. It's either been called Osis Dust or Schwarzkopf Got2Be Powderful. I went looking for the Got2Be range and I don't think it exists here in Aus. Lame. Then I came across the youtube channel of Jodik76 who had found the Osis Dust and then found this product - they are exactly the same. Big Yay. I talk about this little baby in my upcoming youtube video.

As you can see, this product is marketed to men. Weird, considering everywhere else it's marketed to women. Anyway, this was about $7 from Priceline.

Next up, this delicious orange and ginger 'energy' scented candle by the great team at Planet Earth. This is a soy candle, much more eco friendly. $10 from Target. There's quite a nice range from Planet Earth there, all paraben and SLS free and I'm keen to try a few more of the products. Currently, I have this placed on my bedhead, but I may have to move it because I'm a giant klutz and I can just see me bumping it off when I reach for tissues during the night and smacking my husband in the head. It's pretty solid, this could cause concussion...

Finally, a few things little bits and bobs for me to try out: A novel from Kmart ($12ish) - I'm a big fan of supernatural/fantasy novels, some gradual tan/tan extender from Chi Chi (about $7) and a Chi Chi nail polish ($5) from Target, then a selection of eye shadow pigments from BYS and Rimmel cream shadows from Gloss, an absolute bargain at $4.95 each. 

I'll be doing reviews of these soon, now that I've figured out how to a) use the video camera to film videos and b) upload photos to this blog. There was much angst earlier tonight surrounding item b there. I am NOT techno savvy.

Ciao all you little beauties!!

Seven Wonders Hair Care

I have a friend who is vegan and she constantly is telling me about the nasties that are put into our hair care, skin care and make-up products, under chemically sounding names that trick us. Along with this, I do think that we should be aiming to use products that are good for us and good for the environment.

As a starting point, I've been seeking out products that are paraben and sodium laurel sulfate free. I started with shampoo and conditioners but so far the various paraben and SLS free, 'organic' products I've tried have left my hair feeling like straw and not the luscious locks I envision. So much so that one hairdresser remarked that my hair needed some serious treatment conditioning...

Then I came across Seven Wonders, an Australian company with that makes paraben and SLS free products using certified organic ingredients. They promise salon grade products that actually perform. Bingo.

They have a Moroccan range of products that use certified organic Argan oil. I figured that the Moroccan Oil I already have makes my hair all soft and shiny, so shampoo and conditioner containing Argan oil can only be a good thing. 

I picked up a shampoo and conditioner at a local chemist, nearly choking at the price ($27 each), but was swayed over the line by a free Argan oil leave in treatment oil thing. The girls in the shop who were selling this to me said they'd compared the ingredients of this product to the very popular Moroccan Oil in the pretty blue box and the ingredients are exactly the same (I haven't verified this, I threw out the box with the ingredients on it ages ago so can't compare). I recently checked out the prices of Moroccan treatment oils and they are anywhere from $40-50 depending on where you go. I figured that shampoo+conditioner+treatment oil for $54 was a darn good price in all.

I've only used the shampoo and conditioner so far and they are rather lovely. They don't leave my hair feeling like straw, they smell nice - all hair salon-y and my hair is shiny and soft. Winner!

Head down to a chemist near you and pick up these babies. Be quick - my chemist is currently sold out... You can also check out for their story and stockist info. 

Friday, 23 September 2011

Haul video recorded!

Recorded a haul video of recent purchases and stuff I'm loving lately. Now I just have to figure out how to edit and upload the jolly thing. I'm not the most technological person, even setting up this blog nearly did me in.

It's also recorded on a macbook and is a little dark but i'm pretty proud of my first efforts. I discovered I sure can talk...

Anyhoo, stay tuned, I'll upload it to youtube and post the link here. Now, it's nearly 2am, which is when my cheap internet time kicks in so I'm going to make myself a cup of earl grey, just like a granny, and settle in for some serious watching.


Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Haul! And packages coming too...

Did quite the shopping trip today. Will do an online haul of all the bits and pieces, plus take some photos and upload them here. Plus I'm waiting for packages coming from ebay, Feel Unique, Beauty Bay and Sigma. Must hide receipts from the husband....

Monday, 19 September 2011

Ten things about me.

1. I really like playing with and trying out makeup and hair care and skin care stuff.
2. Opinions. I got 'em. Hence the blog to share them with you.
3. I like the above things at good prices! I aim to find good products for budget prices.
4. My day job is as a researcher and PhD student.
5. I'm kind of unco. So not too many tutorials. But if I find good ones I'll let you know where to find them.
6. I live in Perth, Australia. The most isolated city in the world. This means we tend to get new stuff about 20 years after everyone else. I do a lot of online shopping.
7. Married to a musician. No kids.
8. I am not musical. But I do like music.
9. Some people would call me quiet, reserved and gentle. They'd be wrong.
10. I'm pretty open. If you want to know more, just ask!