Friday, 30 September 2011

NOTD Ulta3 Twilight Fever

I heard somewhere round the beauty blogs that Ulta3 does a relatively good dupe of Orly Rage. I've found it impossible to find Orly Rage on Ebay and Amazon and elsewhere so when I came across the Ulta3 range in a chemist I was rather excited.

Ulta3 seems to be a brand that only pops up in chemists, and it's an absolute bargain at $2.25. That is not a typo! Yes, $2.25. A wide range of colours and shimmers and glitters will be somewhere on the chemist floor in one of those large bins you have to fossick through to find the colour you want.

I went on a large rummage for Envy, the purported Orly Rage dupe, but didn't strike gold. I did come across this one called Twilight Fever, and frustrated at not being able to find what I wanted, consoled myself with a base coat and the lovely purple. 

With flash

and without flash (and crappier quality photo).

It's quite a pretty purple - aubergine is the colour that comes to mind - with a subtle shimmer and I've had quite a few compliments. The polish is quite runny and you will need a least a couple of coats, but at $2.25 I couldn't really care less. It lasted about two days without chipping, and this was without a top coat (because mine has gone AWOL).

For this price I was surprised that people weren't pushing each other over to get to the bargains. Really, they're pretty much giving away this nail polish. If nothing else, Ulta3 does a fairly good range of colours (though the availability will vary from store to store) and it's a decent product for the price. Even if you're just looking for a fun colour for a fancy dress party or event, Ulta3 is a good cheap option to consider. It's also a good option if you're dirt poor and it's a week til pay day and you are looking for some practically guilt-free retail therapy, as I was on this particular day...

However, I'm still Rage-less and and the search continues!

Happy rummaging, you little beauties!

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  1. Such a unique color! ♥