Wednesday, 28 September 2011

I went shopping...

Things I got on my recent haul. I was a very happy lassie!

First up, Schwarzkopf taft Rough & Tough styling powder. I've been hearing about this stuff on a few of  Youtube beauty channels recently (Fleur De Force, SWalkerMakeup) and have been anxious to try myself. It's either been called Osis Dust or Schwarzkopf Got2Be Powderful. I went looking for the Got2Be range and I don't think it exists here in Aus. Lame. Then I came across the youtube channel of Jodik76 who had found the Osis Dust and then found this product - they are exactly the same. Big Yay. I talk about this little baby in my upcoming youtube video.

As you can see, this product is marketed to men. Weird, considering everywhere else it's marketed to women. Anyway, this was about $7 from Priceline.

Next up, this delicious orange and ginger 'energy' scented candle by the great team at Planet Earth. This is a soy candle, much more eco friendly. $10 from Target. There's quite a nice range from Planet Earth there, all paraben and SLS free and I'm keen to try a few more of the products. Currently, I have this placed on my bedhead, but I may have to move it because I'm a giant klutz and I can just see me bumping it off when I reach for tissues during the night and smacking my husband in the head. It's pretty solid, this could cause concussion...

Finally, a few things little bits and bobs for me to try out: A novel from Kmart ($12ish) - I'm a big fan of supernatural/fantasy novels, some gradual tan/tan extender from Chi Chi (about $7) and a Chi Chi nail polish ($5) from Target, then a selection of eye shadow pigments from BYS and Rimmel cream shadows from Gloss, an absolute bargain at $4.95 each. 

I'll be doing reviews of these soon, now that I've figured out how to a) use the video camera to film videos and b) upload photos to this blog. There was much angst earlier tonight surrounding item b there. I am NOT techno savvy.

Ciao all you little beauties!!


  1. Do I get a special prize for being your 1st GFC follower? :P Have fun beauty blogging :D

  2. Virtual hug and a high five!! Thanks for following :) i love your blog too, it's been nice to find Aussie beauty bloggers so I can actually see a product and think, oh, i know where to buy that!

  3. :)

    BTW, not to be annoying...but please can you make your feeds the full post instead of an excerpt...I can't read your full posts in my reader and I sub to 1000's of blogs which means if I can't read full feed, I can't enjoy what you write. Thanks :D

    If you're stuck, you can email me regarding's difficult when you're a newbie blogger


  4. Ahhh I love that Taft hair stuff!