Wednesday, 26 October 2011

My Holster Jellies arrived. They're Awesome.

They're heeeerrrrreeee!!!

My lovely summer sandals arrived rather swiftly from Holster, in about 3-4 days. Gotta love an Aussie based company with great service.

I've never purchased shoes before from a website but Holster made the whole experience so easy that I am defs tempted to buy more. I loved how on their website they have a template of their shoes sizes, so you can print it off and measure your foot against the template to get the right fit. That's always been my greatest fear in buying shoes online, as I have a really skinny foot so getting the right fit isn't easy. I like that Holster has a way round this. I'm not sure if I'd buy boots or high heels online, but I'd happily buy more sandals and thongs (flip flops for you non-Aussies) and possibly flats.

Nicely wrapped, though I'm not sure what the foam is for? These aren't really breakable shoes....

I love the hot pink 'watermelon' colour and have worn these a few times now. They're certainly eye-catching, and I've had lots of compliments. 

I can't say they're the world's most comfy shoes - the hard plastic between my toes does take some getting used to, and I did make the unfortunate mistake of wearing these on a day I was lost and late for an appointment and had to run about 2 kilometres to get there and my feet and calves certainly protested the next day. But for work, picnics, lunch dates and swanning round they're very nice.

These shoes have had the seal of approval from my two year old nephew, who insisted on clomping round the house in them, very taken with the sparkles on the front. Kid after my own heart. Bless.

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